Technical Information

Product Name

Zenith®  Bleaching Earth

Type Product

  • Zenith Z 130 HF - (Highest Grade / Full Activated)

  • Zenith Z 129 HF - (Higher Grade)

  • Zenith Z 125 HF - (High Grade)

  • Zenith Z 211 - (Medium Grade)

  • Zenith Z 221 S - (Low Medium Grade)

  • Zenith Z 221 - (Lower Grade)

Chemical Name

Bentonite, Acid Activated

EINECS Number : 274-324-8
Synonym : Activated Bleaching Earth

MSDS and Chemical Composition

Material Safety Data Sheet 

according 91/155/EEC 

PT.Sumber Wahana Sejati

Version: 0.0

1. Chemical Product and Company Identification

  • Manufacturer / supplier : PT.Sumber Wahana Sejati
  • Jl. Raya cikembar-padabenghar km.6,desa cibatu kec.cikembar kab.Sukabumi-Jawa Barat

2. Composition/Information on Ingridients

Composition : Bentonite

CAS-No : 70131-50-9

Hazardous Ingredients : CAS-No. % hazard R-phrase

free crystalline silica in the dust < 5

dust < 7.1  < 30

breathable content of crystalline

silica* in the product < 1

(*including quartz, tridymit, cristobalit)

3. Hazards Identification

Avoid inhalation and/or exceeding of occupational limit value

4. First-Aid Measures

General Information : none

Inhalation : remove to fresh air immediately

Skin Contact : wash with plenty of water and soap

Eye Contact : rinse away thoroughly with plenty of water, also under the eyelids for at least 15 minutes

Ingestion : rinse mouth

Advice to physicians : none

5. Fire Fighting Measures

Extinguishing media : none

the product itself does not burn

Unsuitable extinguishing media : none

Specific hazard arising from the preparation itself : none

Combution products and resulting gases : none

Special protective equipment for firefighters : none

6. Accidental Release Measures

Personal precautions : Don't inhale dust

Environmental precautions : none

Measures for cleaning up : Take up clean material and use as planned.

Take up contaminated material by mechanical means, fill into clean containers and dispose according to regulations

Additional remarks : Avoid dust formation

7. Handling and Storage

Handling : Avoid formation of dust

No special measures needed to prevent fire or explosions the material is not inflamable

Storage : Keep container tightly closed in a dry place

Product must not be stored together with smelly substances as it picks up foreign smells

8. Exposure Controls/Personal Protection

General technical measures : Good ventilation or exhaust is necessary

Occupational exposure standards

CAS-No. component limit type value unit

14808-60-7 Quartz (as dust) Max 0.15 mg/m3

Quatziferous dust (TRGS 900) Max 4 mg/m3

Inert dust (TRGS 900) Max 6 mg/m3

Other information

Personal protection General hygiene measures apply

: wash hands and face before eating, drinking, smoking and using toilet utilities.

Prophylatic use of protective urguent is recommended

Respiratory protection : in case of formation of dust: dust mask (with P2-filter)

Hand Protection : in case of formation of dust: hand gloves

Eye Protection : protective glasses

Body Protection : none

9. Physical and Chemical Properties

Appearance : Form : powder

: Colour : beige grey

: Odour : none

Physical properties value / unit

Change of State

Melting point : not applicable

Boiling point : not applicable

Flash point : none

Ignition temperature : none

Autoflamability : none

Oxidizing Properties : none

Explosive properties : none

Explosion limits lower : not applicable

upper : not applicable

Vapour pressure : not applicable

Density : not applicable

Bulk density (average) : 550 - 650 gr/lt.

Solubility in water : insoluble

pH-value : 3.5 - 7.0(100gr/1 liter H2O)

other properties :

Viscosity : not applicable

10. Chemical Analysis

SiO2    : 70.05 % - 73.10%

Fe2O3 : 2.45% - 3.10%

Al2O3  : 10.66% - 14.30%

MgO  : 1.1% - 1.60%

CaO   : 0.85% - 1.50%

K2O    : 0.24% - 0.42%

Na2O  : 0.08% - 0.12%

TiO2     : 0.1% - 0.90%

LOI     : 8.60%


All data mentioned in this leaflet are typical for this product and based on average values. Certain deviations can appear due to processing of natural clay as raw material. In no case are these values to be regarded as specifications. On request, certificates of analysis for specified values of single properties can be agreed upon.

11. Stability and Reactivity

Hazardous reactions : conditions to avoid: none

Materials to avoid : none

Hazardous decomposition products : None, if handled and stored according to prescription.

Other information : None, if handled and stored according to prescription.

12. Toxicological Information

Acute Toxicity : LD50-value (rat) : > 5000 mg/kg

Primaty irritation : Moderate irritating to mucous mambranes

Sensitation : none

Other Information : none

Subacute toxicity : no data available

Human effects : Due to dust rising, light irritation of eyes and/or mucous

: membranes is possible

: Dust may render the skin dry and chappy

In case of prolonged in halation and/or exceeding the exposure

limits, quartziferous dust can cause silicosis.

Other Information : none

13. Ecological Information

General Information : Product is of mineral origin and is biologically not degradable

Persistence/degradability : no data available

Distribution to evironmental compartments: no data available

Ecotoxcity : no data available

Other Information : contains the following heavy metals or compounds of

directive 760/464/EEC

14. Disposal Considerations

Products : can be landfilled together with household refuse, in accordance with the authoritative regulations

Contaminated packaging : After emptying and cleaning can be re-used.

15. Transport Information


Symbol : Kemler-No.:/Subst.-Nr.:


Remarks : Not classified as hazardous

ADR/ADNR : Zi: Kat.:


Remarks : Not classified as hazardous

IMDG/GGVSee : UN-No.: PG.:



Remarks : Not classified as hazardous




Remarks : Not classified as hazardous

Other Information : Not a dangerous product according to transport regulations.

16. Regulation Information

EC Classification : The product is not a dangerous subsrtance acc. EEC council: directive 67/548/EEC

Special Label : none

Hazardous components to be stated on label: none

R- phrases : not applicable

S- phrases : S 22: do not breath dust

Labelling of certain preparation:none

17. Other Information

The information presented herein is believed to be accurate, but is not warranted. If does not represent any assurance of properties of the product. The specifications are to be drawn from the corresponding leaflet.

General Technical Information

Chemical Spesification
SiO2 55 – 80
5 – 20
2 – 10
0 – 8
0 – 5
0 – 2
0 - 2

Analysis may vary with bleaching earth source and is quoted as % dry weight.
Elements present in the bleaching earth have been expressed as their oxides.

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