Quality Management

The Group adheres faithfully to strict quality controls reinforced by the awareness that a substantial portion of its products are used in the refining of oils and fats for human consumption.

Quality control measures, beginning from the extraction of raw materials up to the delivery of the finished products to customers, are implemented and monitored closely by the Group’s Product Assurance Team.

Testing is carried out by the Group’s in-house laboratories on every batch produced for bleaching performance, speed of filtration, residual acidity, moisture content, apparent density and particle size. Samples are also regularly sent out to independent laboratories to verify the accuracy of in-house tests.

Our company has implemented an Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2015, Food Safety System HACCP, and Halal Assurance System (HAS 2300) and Kosher Check so that the products produced are Quality, Safe and Halal products.


  • Our commitment is towards quality at a consistently high level. 
  • We emphasise quality of products, services and competitive pricing.
  • Innovative and adopt new technologies to cater to changing needs.
  • Quality improvement is the responsibility of every employee.


  • Continue to promote greater environmental awareness in our daily activities. 
  • Committed to keep our environment clean, safe and healthy. 
  • Preservation of the environment is the responsibility of every employee.

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